Mobile speed camera operators
become qualified in Humberside


Mobile safety camera operators in Humberside have become qualified users of laser speed cameras with the help of Road Safety Support (RSS).

Twelve operators from Safer Roads Humber completed the IQ Level 3 Award in Road Safety Enforcement Technology for laser operators, delivered by RSS.

The team, who operate mobile cameras in the Humberside area, learned about the technical and legal contexts in which mobile cameras are used in England and Wales, the Home Office Type Approval process and about countermeasures, such as laser jammers.

Safer Roads Humber aims to reduce the number of people killed and injured on the roads and maintain that casualty reduction.

One of the course students was the co-ordinator of the Humberside Community Speed Watch scheme. He is one of a number of Community Speed Watch camera operators from across the UK to be trained by RSS in recent months.

Community Speed Watch allows residents to become police-trained volunteers monitoring vehicle speeds in their communities, with the aim of changing the behaviour of some road users who drive above the speed limit.

Steve Langdon, Legal Support Manager, of RSS, who led the training, said: “The team worked extremely hard and I’m delighted to say that they all successfully completed the qualification.

“They are all clearly committed to reducing deaths and injuries on the roads of Humberside through the effective use of enforcement technology.”

The IQ Level 3 Award in Road Safety Enforcement Technology provides camera operators with the skills and knowledge they need to carry out their roles effectively, and is recognised and valued by the UK courts.

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