Speed Camera and Enforcement Technology Testing

Road Safety Support provides first-class speed camera testing and calibration facilities at a UK test track at speeds of up to 186mph (300kph). 

Road Safety Support holds ISO 17025 for testing and calibrating speed cameras and other speed measurement devices, either at our dedicated UK test track or on any road across the world. 

The tests are conducted using road vehicles so that the enforcement systems are tested with the traffic they are intended to measure.

The equipment used by Road Safety Support to conduct the tests is temporarily installed inside the vehicles. This equipment logs the speed of the vehicle compared to the reading of the equipment under test.

Our team of experts test and calibrate the following devices:

  • Radar speedmeters
  • Fixed and hand-held laser speedmeters, with and without camera attachments
  • Average speedmeters - point-to-point and distributed
  • Red light enforcement systems
  • Railway crossing enforcement cameras
  • Close-following/tailgating systems

ISO 17025 gives confidence that the validity of the results and the accuracy of the measurements undertaken can be relied upon and are traceable to national standards.

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