Road Safety Media & Marketing

Using casualty data, a thorough road safety marketing and communications strategy should be created which works hand-in-hand with the enforcement strategy.

This strategy will outline which key road user groups will be targeted and the messages that will be communicated. It will explain when, where and how this will be implemented.

For enforcement to be effective, those who use the road network need to be consistently reminded that enforcement exists and what the consequences are for them if they flout the rules.

The perceived risk of detection can be increased by specific enforcement strategies and, most importantly, by publicity campaigns and attention to enforcement activities in the media.

As a member of Road Safety Support you will receive:

  • Advice on the development of an effective marketing strategy
  • Media, marketing and social media advice from an experienced road safety communications team
  • Public relations support, such as assistance with writing news releases, to publicise your activities
  • Regular news and policy updates, keeping you at the heart of road safety and road traffic enforcement in the UK
  • Access to a members’ website containing extensive advice and information, as well as a secure online forum allowing you to communicate directly with colleagues across the UK
  • A full local marketing strategy based on your road casualty and enforcement priorities (additional fee will apply)
  • Bespoke media, communications and marketing workshops (additional fee will apply)

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