Road Traffic Enforcement Legal Assistance

Road Safety Support’s skilled team are experts in UK road traffic law with many years’ experience in operating speed and red light cameras and helping to bring offending drivers to justice.

Our legal team includes Stephen Langdon, a former roads policing officer and qualified member of the Institute of Paralegals, who is one of the most experienced professional witnesses in England today. 

Our experts have assisted in thousands of court cases and have helped to bring motorists to justice for offences including speeding, using a mobile while driving, dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice.

Their work includes the prosecution of a red light offence involving a Crown Court Recorder, who had made life so difficult for police and CPS by his legal manoeuvrings that the Lord Chief Justice later removed him from Judicial Office as a result of his conduct in that case. 

Our experts also successfully prosecuted a series of cases involving challenges to the Home Office Type Approval process, which could have seriously disrupted UK road traffic enforcement had they succeeded.

Road Safety Support members can benefit from:

  • Swift access to legal support and advice relating to the operation of speed and red light cameras and related road signage
  • Regular procedural updates and access to a secure members’ website containing a range of general legal guidance and documents
  • Overall reviews of administration and file processes - Including advice on file content and the presentation of evidence best practice (an additional fee will be charged)

For more information about our road traffic enforcement assistance or to become a member of Road Safety Support please complete our contact form