Mobile phones and driving:
New law comes into effect today


From March 25, the Government has strengthened the law to make it illegal to use a handheld mobile phone behind the wheel for virtually any use, including taking photos or videos, scrolling through playlists, or playing games.

An exemption allows drivers to make contactless payments while stationary at locations like drive-thrus. Hands on the wheel? Hands off your phone! 

Today, THINK! is also launching the Guardian Mates campaign, to tackle handheld mobile phone use among young drivers.

The campaign launches to coincide with the change in the law and will run until May.

The campaign features a series of short films and a radio ad, aiming to get drivers to confront their own behaviour by making mates present in the issue, unexpectedly appearing in the backseat of the car to intervene at the moment of temptation and stop their friend picking up the phone while driving.

The key message for this campaign is:

"Hands on the wheel? Hands off your phone."

The campaign will also feature an enforcement message to:

“Avoid the risk of a £1000 fine, 6 points and a driving ban.”

THINK! has broadened its target audience for this campaign to include both young male and female drivers, as they display similar attitudes and behaviours around handheld mobile phone use.

To support the campaign, the downloadable assets can be found here

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