Celebrating the launch of the
Road Safety Investigation Branch


The UK has today moved one step closer to significantly reducing road deaths and injuries as the Government’s first-ever road investigation branch is launched.

Safer roads partnerships and road crime reduction advocates are celebrating the introduction of the eagerly-awaited Road Safety Investigation Branch (RSIB),

Like the Rail Investigation Branch and the Air Investigation Branch, which are already in existence, the group will examine how and why collisions happen and provide insight into how improvements can be made.

The branch will investigate themes in the causes of collisions, as well as specific incidents of concern, to learn valuable lessons.

It will make independent safety recommendations to organisations, such as government and police forces, to better shape the future of road safety policy and provide better, greener and safer journeys for people right across the country. 

The specialised unit will also provide vital insight into safety trends related to new and evolving technologies, which could include self-driving vehicles, e-scooters and electric vehicles (EVs). 

Road Safety Support was invited to be part of the DfT's consultation Workshop alongside other key stakeholders, and has welcomed the introduction of this important new body.

More information can be found here.

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