Road Safety Support Resolves
HADECS Costs Issues

The Issue

New technology can bring major advances in road safety, but it can also cause more than its fair share unintended issues. Such was the case for Highways England (HE) and affected police forces when HADECS cameras were introduced as part of the smart motorways enforcement project. 

With the introduction of new enforcement technology, it meant that there were additional costs for back offices and new process associated that had to be developed with the changes. There was not, at this time, a format for calculating attributable additional costs to safer roads partnerships.  

Our Solution

In conjunction with HE, Road Safety Support (RSS) created standard funding templates for both smart motorways and roadwork enforcement. Our Data Manager began by breaking down all the back office processes into a standard format that these back office costs could be attributed to.

By the use of a simple funding questionnaire, it was possible to calculate an enforcement cost that was equitable to both HE and the safer roads partnerships.

Funding templates are reviewed annually to ensure fairness to all parties.

The Outcome

The work carried out by RSS provided a mutually acceptable process for both HE and the police forces affected. HE can plan for long term enforcement budget costs, while police forces can calculate enforcement charges and back office staffing requirements.