North Yorkshire Police - Laser Jammers

The Problem

North Yorkshire Police noticed that error messages had been generated on occasions by their mobile speed cameras. They knew the cameras were working properly so realised there must be another reason for the problem. The operators had recently been trained by Road Safety Support (RSS) in how to detect the use of laser jammers– devices used by motorists to block cameras and prevent them from detecting their speed. As members of RSS the force contacted us for further advice.

Our Solution

Our enforcement technology specialists examined the speed camera video evidence and determined that the error messages had indeed been generated by the use of a laser jammer. While not unlawful to sell, own and fit them, their use in preventing the measurement of the speed of a vehicle by the police may prove to be unlawful. 

The Outcome

The police seized the offending vehicle and our team examined it along with and the laser jammer. We analysed the video evidence and were able to prove that the vehicle had been exceeding the speed limit while the jammer was in use. As a result the driver was charged with Perverting the Court of Justice.

Our Technical Support Manager Steve Callaghan provided an expert witness report for the prosecution. The driver was later jailed for two months, fined £1,000 and banned from driving for six months.

Road Safety Support also assisted in promoting the result of the case in the media. Read the media story here