About Road Safety Support

Our Vision:

To be recognised worldwide for our work in saving lives through enabling smarter enforcement, changing driver behaviour for the better and ensuring those who break the law are dealt with effectively.

Our Mission:

Road Safety Support is a not-for-profit company, providing a unique range of specialist services to safer roads partnerships, the police and highway authorities in the UK and overseas that share our commitment to road casualty reduction.

Our Values:

  • We are committed to reducing death and life changing injuries on the roads. This is our priority, and underpins all our work.
  • We are passionate about this task. We will work with all others who share that passion.
  • We believe that safer roads partnerships are vital in reducing road casualties in the UK. We exist to help them deliver their work, so we will always work in partnership with our members.
  • We will advise them honestly, always putting the interests of the public and our members above our own.
  • We can best support them by ensuring our expertise is always up to the minute, informed and correct.
  • We will be fully accessible to our members and always do our best to assist them. We try never to say no.
  • We will constantly review and develop our services to meet our members’ needs.

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