Suspended Jail Term and Driving
Ban for Laser Jammer Driver


A man received a suspended jail sentence, a driving ban and hefty fine for using a speed camera jammer device on his car.

York Crown Court heard yesterday that a police mobile camera operator suspected that Alan Wilfred Redfern’s Volvo was exceeding the speed limit in North Yorkshire on August 31 last year.

But when the camera operator tried to get a reading with the LTI20.20 Ultralyte 1000 no speed could be obtained. The operator had previously attended a Road Safety Support advanced course in laser speedmeter operations, and was qualified to recognise when laser jammers were in use.

As members of Road Safety Support, North Yorkshire Police sought expert advice from Technical Support Manager, Steve Callaghan.

Steve Callaghan examined the video evidence and confirmed that there was a laser jammer device fitted to the car and that it had prevented the speed reading.

Mr Redfern’s car was inspected and the functionality of the jamming device was tested. The jammer was clearly visible at the front of the vehicle in the place it was seen in the enforcement video. Other components of the jammer were found concealed within the car.

When a jammer encounters a police laser it makes a very loud and continuous warning sound. The jammer then sends out pulses to stop a speed reading for a period of eight seconds, before it stops sending that jamming signal. In that time, the driver will be able to brake and slow the car down to a legal speed before the laser is allowed to show the speed on its display. 

Redfern, 68, was found guilty at trial of perverting the course of justice. He received a four-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and was banned from driving for six months. He was also ordered to pay more than £2,500 in costs and fines.

After the case PC Andy Forth, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “To believe you are above the law and do not have to abide by the speed limit, like Redfern clearly did, is unacceptable.

"His deliberate action to pervert the course of justice, by fitting this type of device to his vehicle, clearly shows his disregard for the law and the safety of other road users."

He added: “If evidence suggests that a person’s vehicle is fitted with any type of device which may interfere with speed enforcement equipment, North Yorkshire Police will fully investigate the matter and seek to bring any offenders before the courts.”

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