RSS forensic video analyst proved
motorcyclist was travelling at 82mph
in 40mph zone



Road Safety Support used forensic video analysis to prove that a motorcyclist was travelling at 82mph in a 40mph zone after footage of the offence was submitted to police by a member of the public.

The video, which was submitted to Dyfed-Powys Police as part of Operation SNAP, showed the motorcycle riding dangerously on a road in Powys on June 28, 2019.

Operation SNAP offers members of the public the opportunity to submit footage of dangerous or careless driving they have recorded on their dashcams or mobile phones to the police.

The motorcyclist was initially sent a NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) for dangerous driving and Dyfed-Powys asked Steve Callaghan, Road Safety Support’s Technical Manager, to assess the speed.

He provided an expert report and used a range of technical calculations to prove beyond doubt that the motorcycle was travelling at 82mph on the 40mph limit road.

Travelling at this speed, the motorcyclist not only overtook, but contravened a keep-left bollard and passed a school entrance mid-week and a car sales forecourt; putting vulnerable pedestrians at risk.

The rider was also wearing trainers and a t-shirt, rather than protective clothing, putting him at great risk in the event of a collision.

He was summonsed to court and pleaded guilty to careless driving, resulting in six penalty points and a fine of over £400.

Speaking after the case, Mr Callaghan said: “This motorcyclist obviously believed that, as he couldn’t see a police officer or a speed camera, it was acceptable to ride at such a reckless speed. But this just demonstrates the effectiveness of Operation Snap.

“Many vehicles have dashcam recording devices fitted these days, which can easily be submitted to the police, so speeding or dangerous driving is just not worth the risk.

“We have the specialist techniques to analyse video footage and prove the speed that a vehicle was travelling, which can then be used, as in this case, as evidence in court.”

The evidence from Steven Callaghan was critical in securing the conviction and emphasises the importance of using various skills and tactics to improve the evidence in proving cases of both careless and dangerous driving or riding.

Sergeant Ian Price, Dyfed-Powys Police GoSafe Coordinator said: “This is a prime example of how Operation SNAP is helping to take positive action against the most dangerous of drivers and riders on our roads.

“It also highlights how partnership working is integral in working together and making our roads safer. In this instance six penalty points and a conviction for careless driving will have a profound effect on the rider’s insurance premiums and, hopefully, a valuable lesson that will change his attitude towards the risk he presented that day.

“In Dyfed-Powys we are also highly committed to reducing the number of bikers killed and seriously hurt and providing reassurance to communities that this anti-social style of riding is unacceptable.”

If you have recorded footage or images of dangerous or careless driving in Wales and would like to report it, you can do so via the Op SNAP form.

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