Road Safety Support unveils new data
analysis tool


Members of Road Safety Support (RSS) can now benefit from an interactive road collision data tool that will allow them to identify casualty group trends.
The Trend Analysis data, which is now available on the RSS members’ website, reveals which police forces share the same casualty problems and allows them to compare their own casualty figures with the national profile.
This will provide greater opportunities for joint working and will give forces the data they need to run targeted local and national campaigns.
The workbook’s features include an online map where each of the serious, fatal and slight collisions are plotted. It allows users to filter the results based on a variety of factors, as well as viewing the crash locations at street level.
RSS regularly analyses road casualty data for international forces, including RSS members Hong Kong Police and Victoria Police, as well as monitoring casualty reduction performance worldwide.
Jan Sjorup, RSS’s Data Analyst and Road Safety Strategist, said: “We are constantly developing the data available to our members and the services that we provide in relation to data analysis.
“Data is vital in developing effective enforcement and communications strategies in order to reduce deaths and injuries on our roads.”

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