Driver who challenged M25
speeding offence found guilty


A man who challenged a speeding offence on the M25, claiming the evidence was inaccurate, has been found guilty, thanks to the help of Road Safety Support. 

On August 21, unemployed Edward Stimpson, from Nottingham, appeared at Medway Magistrates Court in Kent, to answer a charge of exceeding a mandatory speed limit.

The court heard that at 15:44hrs on the May 17, 2022 Stimpson was the driver of a BMW 335d x drive M sport which was travelling on the M25, in Kent. The vehicle speed was recorded by a HADECS3X enforcement system as 63mph at Gantry 4116B. The M25 at this point was subject to a variable speed limit of 50mph.

Stimpson's defence was two-fold. Firstly, that the photographic evidence clearly showed the traffic was stationary and he was not gaining on the lorry in the next lane. Secondly, that he had a video drive through of the area showing that the offence occurred at gantry 4108B and the speed limit displayed was 70mph not 50mph.

At trial, Steve Langdon, Road Safety Support's speed enforcement technology expert, demonstrated that not only was the traffic moving, but the BMW was travelling at not less than 63mph. Steve then demonstrated the BMW was gaining on the lorry.

The video taken by Stimpson some weeks after the offence was played in court and Steve talked the room through it. Steve identified the EAV camera, gantry 4116B and the HADECS camera and various other signs and features.

When the video reached gantry 4108B, Steve pointed out there was no enforcement camera on this gantry. Steve also explained what a variable speed limit was and how it functioned. The fact the gantry was now showing blank had no relevance to what was on the other gantry on a different day.

Finding the defendant guilty, the court imposed the following penalty:

Three Penalty Points

Fine - £137

Costs - £1118 

Victim Surcharge - £34

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