Promoting Motoring Court Cases to
Deter Future Offending

The Problem

A number of safer roads partnerships wanted to do more to deter motorists from committing offences, such as excessive speeding and Perverting the Course of Justice. Those who are found guilty face a range of penalties, including driving bans, heavy fines and even imprisonment. They also wanted to alter some drivers’ perceptions that high-end offenders were not being punished.

Our Solution

Road Safety Support advised them to follow key proceedings and to actively engage with the media to promote the outcome of court cases. Raising awareness publicly of the penalties received in these types of cases helps to deter other drivers from committing similar offences in the future and reminds the motoring public that offenders are being brought to justice. Road Safety Support helped them by alerting the media to the cases and producing news releases.

The Outcome

The stories were promoted by the media both locally and nationally, spreading a widespread message of deterrence.

Here are some examples of cases that we have helped our members to publicise: